Metro Doctor Says Smokable Marijuana Needed In Some Cases

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 11:19 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City doctor who plans on prescribing medical marijuana says Tuesday’s emergency regulations are nothing short of total obstruction.

Dr. Noel Williams has been practicing for 25 years and has educated himself on the benefits of the drug when taken by patients with specific needs.

“THC does appetite stimulation much more than the CBD, the CBD doesn’t do that. So, you need more THC, for multiple sclerosis you need the THC, for Alzheimer’s and dementia you need the THC, for cancer fighting you need the THC,” Dr. Williams said.

Dr. Williams has been using CBD in his practice since it's legalization. With the recent passing of State Question 788 Williams said he had hoped to do more for his patients who in some cases are chronically ill. He says Tuesday’s restriction banning the sale of smokable marijuana is counterproductive to the reason the bill came about.

“Unfortunately, whether it's marijuana, or a medication, different routes of administration cause different effects, so we need to have all of them,” Dr. Williams said.

Dr. Williams said while the state isn't making it easy for patients to purchase and legally possess medical marijuana---doctors like himself are facing risks of their own.

“My only fear is that the state is going to be punitive to the physicians who do because they are already making it very cumbersome for us to do it. They seem like they are going after the people who do it. The will of the people was to legalize marijuana for medical use,” Dr. Williams said.

Dr. Williams says unless the regulations let up an even bigger change in Oklahoma could be on the horizon.

“I would worry if I was the state that if they make it really, really difficult, the backfiring thing is recreational will be on the ballot next and it will be approved so there will be no oversight,” Williams said.

Law prevents medical marijuana from being sold in any medical practice. A doctor can issue a prescription for a patient to obtain their card for the purchase of medical marijuana. A person must also be an established patient.

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