Norman Hosts Granny Basketball National Championship

Saturday, July 14th 2018, 5:37 pm
By: News 9

The over 50 league has 30 teams in nine states. Ten of those teams took the court in Norman, playing based on 1920's-style rules. 

"A lot of these girls played it in high school and they never thought they would play it again. And so here they are playing it again," said Sue Manning, Executive Director of Granny Basketball League. 

Rules of the court include the following: 

  • Players can have up to two dribbles per possession. 
  • You can "hustle", but you aren't allowed to run. 
  • Players are not allowed to jump or have physical contact
  • Three points are awarded for underhanded "granny shots." 
  • The 1920's uniform. 

"Everybody has the same uniform, except for the socks. And you can tell the teams by their different color socks," said Manning. 

It's the 11th annual post-season tournament. And although last years tournament was held in Norman as well, an Oklahoma team has not been involved until this year. 

The Oklahoma Twisters are the state's only "Granny League" basketball team. 

'You would not believe. They practice their hearts out. And that is the way they have gotten better and better and better," said Kay Talley, Head Coach and player of the Oklahoma Twisters. 

Tally was a spectator at last years events. She instantly knew Oklahoma needed it's own team. She dedicated the next few months to recruiting players. 

"I'm sorry to say, that this is a way to get players, but I went to a funeral of a coaching friend of mine. And some of the girls that had played at Midwest City High, where I used to be a teacher, were there and I said, I want ya'll to come play granny basketball," said Talley. 

The league members applauded Talley for her enthusiasm and passion for the game. They say they're confident the Twisters won't be the only Oklahoma team for long. 

"I can do something that I dearly love to do. And it has afforded us the friendship of 30 more people. That's great," said Talley.