Woman Beaten With Glass Bottle, Then Carjacked In Midtown

Monday, July 16th 2018, 10:26 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A woman was brutally attacked with a broken glass bottle Saturday afternoon, and then carjacked in Midtown.

Police found her missing car Monday at NW 5th Street and Miller Ave. Three miles from the original crime scene.

“It's undrivable. It's going to be totaled. At this point, it's not about the car. It is about, hopefully somewhere in the car is DNA of some sort, where they can trace it back to this woman,” the victim Paris Burris said.

Burris says she was leaving Packards’ New American Kitchen with some friends, when someone in her group spotted a woman throwing a plastic cup, full of liquid, at a parked vehicle.

Burris says her friend dialed the non-emergency police line for help.

“She noticed this woman crouched by the side of a building, breaking this bottle, and putting it back in her purse,” Burris said. “They told her to hang-up immediately and call 911. That's what she did.”

Burris got inside her car, but the suspect grabbed her hair and began beating her with the glass bottle.

She says she never saw what the woman looked like.

EMSA and doctors struggled to stop the bleeding, according to the victim

Burris says the attack happened around 1 p.m., and the streets were full of people.

“She was really trying to hurt me and she was really trying to knock me out,” Burris says that’s when her friend witnessed the beating. “When she eventually saw the attack, she was already on the phone with police.”

But the suspect was able to take off in Burris' 2015 silver Hyundai hatchback.

When the car was found, parts were reportedly missing and the windows had been smashed out.

The victim says the suspect also tried her credit cards at various ATMS and stores, but she was only able to spend $2.00 from the near deadly attack.

“I am a broke college kid. I am working my way through school. Maybe she thought she was robbing someone who had a lot of money, and I was wrong target,” Burris said.

However, Burris has some valuable advice.

First, do not shame victims who find themselves in these unexpected attacks.

She says there was little she could do to prevent this type of violence.

Secondly, if you see something strange, always call police.

She’s thankful her friend was there to also scare the attacker off, while calling 911.

“Keep your eyes and ears open. Follow your gut,” Burris said.

Video was released to News 9 of a possible suspect, but so far there has not been any clear images released of the suspect.

The victim says police will search the locations that have ties to her credit cards.

Click here if you'd like to support the victim with various medical expenses.