Officers Buy Shoes For Child In Need

Tuesday, July 17th 2018, 9:56 am
By: News 9

Two Washington officers were patrolling a park on foot when they came across a child in torn, dirty socks. The boy was bleeding from a cut on the bottom of his foot. 

The officers, who asked to remain unidentified, cleaned and bandaged the boy's foot and asked him where his shoes were. The child replied that his last pair of shoes were now too small for him and he didn't have any others. 

One officer stayed with the boy while the other purchased him a new pair of shoes, and also some popsicles. The officers shared a popsicle with their new friend and tied his shoes before they parted ways. 

The officers did investigate the boy's living situation. 

“There was no abuse or neglect suspected on the part of his parents, and he did not voice any concerns regarding his parents or his home life,” insists Victor Masters, of the Tukwila Police Department’s public information office. “It was mainly a case of a child that did not have basic everyday necessities that many of us take for granted.”