Pregnant Woman, Man Arrested For Home Burglary In SW OKC

Tuesday, July 17th 2018, 9:56 pm

Two suspects have been arrested in connection to a home burglary near Southwest 46th Terrace in Oklahoma City.

The victim says he came home to find his front door kicked-in.

His Xbox and TV were stolen, so he checked his home security camera.

“The lady walks up, and she walks away. Another minute goes by and a man walks up, checks and kicks the door in. Afterwards, you see him walk out with the TV and Xbox and you see him drive away. We got the truck on video,” Marcus Phillips said.

The break-in happened Sunday, July 14, and family posted the video evidence on Facebook.

They say by Monday they had over 10-thousand views and some anonymous tips from those who claimed they knew the suspects in the video.

They also received information about where the two lived.

Phillips decided to scout out the addresses sent to him near Southwest 22nd Street. He says that’s when he saw a 1999 gold Nissan pick-up, the same one on his security camera footage.

Phillips called 911.

“The officers arrived and the individual had started to drive away. So, the officer had made a quick maneuver and got around them and stopped them before they got out of the neighborhood,” Phillips said.

Officers identified the suspects as 31-year-old Jack Martinez and 32-year-old Athena Haney.

Martinez was previously convicted of burglary in 2014.

Haney received a deferred sentence in 2016 for shady dealings with a pawn shop.

“Once you get trapped in that lifestyle, it becomes more about getting your fix than it is trying to expand and take care of business,” Phillips said.

During the traffic stop, officers say they found a " Doritos bag containing a syringe..." and a white powder that "...tested positive for meth..."

The suspects were taken to jail.

The victim says he will likely not get his property back.

“They told me the chances of getting it back, because they already sold it are slim to none,” said Phillips. “I chose to prosecute.”

Both suspects are being held on a complaint of burglary.

Martinez also has a complaint of possession of CDS, meth.