DACA Fundraising Event In Norman Raises Over $5,000

Wednesday, July 18th 2018, 8:30 pm
By: News 9

A fundraiser to help those seeking protection under the Deferred Action From Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, was held in Norman Tuesday night. 

Two groups were involved in the fundraiser, and their goal was to help raise funds for those renewing, or trying to get their protection under DACA. 

The event was held by Norman Sanctuary Coalition and Dram Action Oklahoma. 

Norman Sanctuary supported undocumented immigrants dealing with changed to U.S. immigration policies.

Dream Action Oklahoma is a community - based organization and it's primary program is DACA renewal clinics. 

"Each application is $495. And that is not refunded if your application is denied. And a lot of people understandably do not have that amount to just give to USCIS," said Serena Prammanasudh, Volunteer executive director for Dram Action Oklahoma.

The cost Thursday's event was $15 per plate purchased at Pepe Delgado's in Norman. The groups were overwhelmed with the turnout, and the money they raised.

"We raised enough to fund ten more scholarships. Over $5,000 last night," said Premmanasudh. 

Participants of the event were able to hear from recipients of the Dream Action Oklahoma scholarship, like Andy Jacobs, who spent time at the border to learn more about the situation facing immigrants. 

"We went to the border of Arizona and Nogales, Mexico. We stayed in Tucson and worked with the border links program to kind of get an understanding of what's happening there," said Jacobs. 

The two organizations are keeping an eye on national news, waiting to see what the following weeks bring. 

Some time next week, the district court in Washington DC should get some responds from the Trump administration about the 90 day deadline fore their current injunction on the ruling for DACA. 

Pepe Delgado's donated the food and the space so that all proceeds could go to DACA applications.