Board Of Pharmacy Fires Executive Director

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 4:34 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

The State Board of Pharmacy's Executive Director has been fired.

Chelsea Church is being investigated over a possible bribe involving the medical marijuana rules.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy voted 6-0 to terminate her employment.

At the beginning of the emergency meeting, the board president called the meeting to order, saying they were there to discuss the recently uncovered communication between Church and former Health Department Chief Council Julie Ezell.

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NonDoc published the texts in which Church seemed to offer Ezell a better paying job if she helped put a pharmacist in charge of medical marijuana dispensaries when the department of health made the medical marijuana rules.

After nearly an hour and a half in executive session, the board came out and voted to fire Church.

The board also said they would hire an intern executive director next meeting. None of the board members would comment but the president said they would issue a statement soon.

Church’s attorney, Tracy Schumacher, wrote a letter to the board prior to Wednesday’s meeting saying she would pursue all remedies available if the board would take action.

Schumacher told News 9 Wednesday after the meeting that her client was told to promulgate rules for a pharmacist to be in each dispensary and one text message does not tell the whole story.