Legislative Committee Discusses Medical Marijuana Rules

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 7:15 pm

A bipartisan legislative committee met Wednesday to discuss regulating medical marijuana. The legislature took over after the State Department of Health raised some concerns with their recommendations. 

Attorney General Mike Hunter warned the Board of Health it was overstepping its bounds and stepping on the will of the people by passing restrictive regulations on medical marijuana.

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“There are a lot of people who wanted to be in here because they do not trust the legislature.  And in all honesty, we may have earned that.” Said Senator Greg McCortney (R) Ada.

And it was a packed house, demanding we don’t see a repeat of the rules put into place by the Board of Health. The board wanted pharmacists to be present in all dispensaries and a ban on smokable pot.

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“Overregulation has been the biggest fear and why this room is so full right now. 788 was very clear in what it permitted and what it didn’t permit,” said Isaac Caviness with the group Green the Vote.

So, Green the Vote presented its demands to legislators:

  1. No restrictions on patient access
  2. No limitations on the types of cannabis grown or sols
  3. No restrictions on where dispensaries are located
  4. No bans on Felons working at dispensaries
  5. No means testing for dispensaries’, so owners don’t have to provide financial statements to the state before opening up shop
  6. No checks of private growers homes. Those with medical marijuana licenses...under 788...can possess up to 12 plants a year.

“We will not give up our basic rights,” said Chris Moe of Green the Vote. “You will not I have to put it this way but you will not come in my house without a search warrant.  No matter what you give me permission to do.”