Thousands Of Dollars Stolen During Yukon CBD Store Break-In

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 10:18 pm
By: News 9

Thieves made off with thousands of dollars in CBD products following an overnight smash and grab in Yukon.

The owners of Wild Woman Wellness believe the criminals went to great lengths to avoid cameras in the area.

“It's difficult you definitely feel violated,” said Wild Woman Wellness owner, Megan Dedmon.

“We got a call from the landlord saying hey you’ve been broken into,” said Dedmon.

She and her husband rushed over Wednesday morning only to find their front door shattered and the store in shambles.

“Both of our cases had been smashed open, 90 percent of our product was stolen from the store, and all the cash was taken,” said Dedmon.

After wiping her shelves bare Megan the thieves spent some time combing  through every square inch.

“Almost as if they were looking for something. I don't know if they potentially they thought I had cannabis, that would be a common misconception with these businesses as well,” said Dedmon.

And Megan says these were no amateurs, but more like skilled cat burglars.

“It seems we've collected enough evidence to say they accessed the store through the roof. They slid down over the awning and dropped down,” said Dedmon.

And in doing so, Megan says they managed to avoid surveillance cameras, but hopefully not arrest.

Police later found a t-shirt on the roof of the business that had been fashioned into a mask, complete with cut holes for eyes and mouth.

Due to the nature of the business Megan said it’s still unclear whether or not  insurance will cover her losses.