Metro Homeowner Holds Intruder At Gunpoint

Tuesday, July 31st 2018, 12:07 am
By: News 9

An armed home owner in Yukon stopped a would-be burglar dead in his tracks, forcing him to the ground at gunpoint.

“That all happened in a microsecond, so it was a creepy feeling actually, " Yukon resident Steven Davenport said.

Steven Davenport was inside his home Friday when he heard his door chime.

“I just thought it wasn’t shut so I pulled it to and went back to work,” Davenport said.

But when it happened again,

“Just as I reached like that the handle went from my hand and it pulled, so I just jerked it and did that and went and got my gun,” Davenport said. 

Armed with his gun, Davenport cautiously opened the door into his garage.

And when he peeked around, he saw the intruder. 

“He was standing there facing me,” Davenport said.

Davenport says the man, identified as Jared Bennett ran out a second door and into his back yard.

“I anticipated either not seeing him, or seeing the back of him running away, but for him to be standing there staring at me that really got my attention,” said Davenport. “At that point I took my 45 and racked a round and told him he was going to die if he didn’t get on the ground.”

From there, Davenport ordered Bennett to crawl to the front yard.

“He started pleading, I just wanted some water please sir let me go, I’ll never come back,” Davenport said.

But Steven wasn't about to let that happen.

“I just got mad, you don’t get to come in my house,” Davenport said.

After they reached the front of his house--Steven said he screamed for help--but no one was home. He says that's when a jogger came to his rescue.

911 Dispatcher: "Oklahoma City 911.”

Caller: “Yes we have an emergency, there was a guy breaking into a house in our addition and he's being held at gunpoint on the ground."

“She came down and helped me, helped a stranger with a gun pointing at someone else, so she's pretty brave,” Davenport said.

Police arrested Jared Bennett and recovered a makeshift mask.