Recap: GOP Attorney General Candidates Debate State Issues

Tuesday, July 31st 2018, 9:24 pm
By: Jantzen McGhee

Tuesday night, the two GOP Attorney General candidates debated state issues and answered questions sent in by viewers. The following is a recap to the best of our ability as the debate unfolded.

Question: Will you audit the state government as a whole?

Drummond: All state agencies should be audited. We need to find out where the waste is.

Hunter: The audit of 2016, the Attorney General's office was clean. Performance audits are necessary and should happen.

Question: Do you think Oklahoma needs a statewide tracking system for rape kits or a mandate to test all kits?

Hunter: I'm committed to passing legislation and finding the money to test the kits and prevent a backlog like the one we have now.

Drummond: It's simple, we have no state leadership for this. When I'm Attorney General I would be able to find the money to get the kits tested.

Question: Do you think Oklahomans should be able to carry a firearm without a permit? 

Drummond: There is no problem with the law that the legislators have previously passed.

Hunter: I disagree with the Governor's veto and believe that a change is necessary.

Question: Should 3D printable guns be legal?

Hunter: The judge that blocked the plan for those weapons has my support, they made the right decision.

Drummond: I agree, the judge got it right.

Question: How do you combat the opioid crisis without punishing patients?

Drummond: Bringing cities and counties together to find the least expensive solution that works for everyone.

Hunter: There should be a recognition that opioids should be reevaluated by the medical community. We are getting attorneys who pour their hearts into this problem to find a solution for Oklahomans.

Question: With SQ 788, when will you instruct DAs to stop prosecuting marijuana charges so heavily?

Hunter: DAs don't work for the Attorney General, but the law is the law.

Drummond: I expect law enforcement to enforce the law and follow the law until changes are made.

Question: Would you bring back the environmental protection unit that was dismantled? 

Hunter: I think it is important to always working with our office to always provide clean air and clean water.

Drummond: The agency is important. I want the 14th generation to have the same benefits I have had, in clean water, soil, and air.

Question: Where do you stand on illegal immigration and the wall?

Hunter: We need to have a process where our border is controlled strongly, for sure. The census should include citizenship information.

Drummond: I support any legislation that our national legislature that has put forth to strengthen our borders. The census should should not include citizenship information.

Question: How will you handle 788 in terms of employee liability?

Drummond: It is nothing different than an opioid prescription, employers and employees should be very up front about their usage and realize there are certain job functions that won't work with marijuana in their systems.

Hunter: The Department of Health has been advised to stay out of it, and there will be areas where we will have to discuss the best solutions to these problems.

View the full debate below:

The runoff election is August 28th. Join us next Tuesday, August 7th for a similar debate between the GOP Gubernatorial candidates Kevin Stitt and Mick Cornett.