McClain County Family Offering $10,000 Reward In Cold Case

Tuesday, July 31st 2018, 11:51 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

July marks seven years since a Goldsby man vanished.

Bill Dwayne Shipley was 47-years-old when he was reported missing by family members.

They say they are growing desperate for answers.

“It's something I would not want to wish on anybody. My parents have been through so much pain and so much heartache. Everyday it's in our minds, every day,” the victim’s sister, Valerie Hudgens said.

The Backstory:

Bill Shipley went missing on July 19, 2011.

The family said when they went by his home to check on him, weeks later, they found his front door open. The home was in disarray, and the power was turned off, according to family.

Shipley also had a Jeep and a Chevy truck and both were missing from his home.

The Jeep was located at an Oklahoma City apartment complex within about a month of the report.

Shipley was a commercial painter, and the Jeep was his work truck.

Items he used for his business were missing from the vehicle.

“Two airless sprayers: one was a Titan 440i, one was a 400 on a skid. He had professional ladders. He had purchased for his job the day before, 5-gallon paint that was red and Navajo white, those were taken,” Hudgens said.

Lights were also missing from the Jeep.

A year went by, and investigators found Bill’s Chevy at another apartment complex within a mile of the previous vehicle discovery.

Detectives were also able to locate surveillance footage of Bill, hours before he went missing.

They say he was at a Sonic, near Riverwind Casino, and that there was a passenger in the vehicle.

That passenger has never come forward in the case.

“We do feel like that person, even if they had nothing...we would like them to come forward. Did they see anything at the house?  Did someone meet them? Where did they go?” Hudgens asks.

Even more strange, Bill’s father, William Shipley says Bill’s credit cards were being used weeks after his disappearance.

However, he believes someone in the neighborhood was keeping watch.

As soon as the sheriff showed up, activity on the cards ceased.

“His credit cards were run at several places, but it stopped at that time. Somebody saw someone was there,” William Shipley said. “We are not going to stop. We are going to find the people that's involved in this.”

Present Day:

Shipley’s family says they believe there are a few suspects in the case.

It would have been impossible for one person to move both of Bill’s vehicles, and they say he would not have gone down without a fight.

Early in the investigation, family members say they got an anonymous tip to their home from a local payphone.

They are begging that person to call back,

“Maybe they might have known more. They called twice and we ask, again call...just let us know. Even if it's just the smallest amount of things that we can grasp hope to locate where Bill is at,” Hudgens said.

The family says they found Bill’s Sonic cup at the home after he disappeared.

Detectives are trying to enhance photo evidence from various pieces of evidence.

The family says they need closure and hope you can help.

Tips related to the reward money must lead to an arrest in the case, or information to help find Bill Shipley’s remains.