Group Vows To Continue Push For Recreation Pot Amid Controversy

Tuesday, August 7th 2018, 10:09 pm
By: News 9

It's down to the wire for Green The Vote members blindsided by lies from their top representatives.

Monday, two of its members admitted to inflating the number of signatures to get recreational marijuana on the ballot. Supporters are now trying to push past their anger and disappointed to get the job done ahead of Wednesday's deadline.

Leaders Issac Caviness and Dody Sullivan are now under fire, following a web of lies.

“It was not my intention to mislead anyone. It was my intention to inspire,” said Green the Vote President Issac Caviness.

"The numbers I counted were not the numbers that you were given,” said former leader of Green the Vote, Dody Sullivan.

Upon learning the news supporters were left with a range of emotions.

“It's kind of a punch in the stomach,” said Green the Vote member John Frasure.

“I'm so genuinely, truly disgusted right now,” said another Green the Vote member.

One person took to Facebook to write "Way to get everyone's hopes up, just to all come crashing down. Liars are some of the biggest pieces of [expletive] walking the planet. Shame on all involved in this betrayal.”

Green the Vote member John Frasure said while Green the Vote is determined to push through the turmoil, he said there's no doubt they've suffered a setback in spite of their hard work.

“Don't minimize anything, if this is 42,000 signatures, we should have known that a long time ago. We could have gotten a lot more people active and going, this is wrong,” said Frasure.

Because of two people's actions everyone will pay the price, Frasure explained.

“It throws a negative connotation on the entire marijuana industry and that's the one thing we need to overcome,” said Frasure.

Frasure said right now members aren’t sure who to trust.

“You lied to me, you burned us, you bunt all the patients in Oklahoma. You destroyed the trust they had in me and that destroys the trust I had in you,” said Frasure.