911 Call Released In Rodeo Bull Escape In Downtown OKC

Tuesday, August 14th 2018, 6:10 pm
By: News 9

A 1,270-pound rodeo bull was captured in downtown Oklahoma City Monday night. The bull reportedly broke free from a pin at the Oklahoma National Stockyards.

The unusual sight prompted citizens to call 911.

Caller: “A cow just ran, like running down the road.”

One man came dangerously close to the bull along the Oklahoma River trails.  

Caller: “Uh, there is a wild animal, I believe a bull near Stockyards, Stockyards sign.”

911: Did he get out?

Caller: “Yes, almost attacked me.”

911: “Is it yours?”

Caller: “I jumped into the river.”

911: “It came after you?”

Caller: “Yes, it charged towards me. I’m inside the river right now.”

Patrol officers were on the bull’s trail once he crossed into the downtown area.  Cameras on the Oklahoma County courthouse annex building captured officers attempting to corral the bull with patrol cars.

“These officers just had to use the resources they had,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Which were their patrol cars to try to corral and keep the bull as detained as possible.”

The bull hit one of the cruisers in an attempt to escape the flashing barricade. 

Stockyard employees on horses also came to corral the animal.

“My guys did get a rope on him and had horses,” said Rob Fisher, Oklahoma National Stockyards President. “One of them roped him and they were dragging him back in the trailer.”

The bull was brought back to the Stockyards but, unfortunately, did not survive. Stockyard officials said the animal died of a heart attack.

Fisher said of the 4,000 cattle that come through the Stockyard it is rare to have one get loose. It’s even rarer for it to travel into the downtown area.

“We always have cowboys and horses on hand to gather those cattle,” said Fisher. “This one got a little farther than most of them do.”

The bull caused minor damage to the patrol car and did not seriously injure any citizens.