Cornett Camp Releases 'Bull Stitt' Ad

Tuesday, August 14th 2018, 6:26 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Former Oklahoma City mayor and gubernatorial hopeful Mick Cornett spent much of Tuesday on the phone trying to drum up support and money for his campaign, but also answering questions about what's become kind of a dirty campaign.

“That’s a bunch of bull Stitt. Bull Stitt,” the new ad proclaims.

Cornett’s campaign released the ad Tuesday, disputing ads by candidate Kevin Stitt that said Cornett is in favor of sanctuary cities.

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The mud fight apparently has begun. 

“First of all, we gotta [sic] defend ourselves,” said Cornett. “I mean, we were attacked pretty heavily. Our record was distorted. My reputation was damaged. And I spent a lot of time building up a reputation that I was proud of. And to see that just trashed over a few days is not very fun."

Cornett said he wants to run a clean campaign focusing on the issues. But he said he has to respond to what he calls half-truths too.

News 9 asked, “Can we expect another round of attack ads?

"There's a little bit of game theory going on. We do this somebody else is going to do that,” answered Cornett. “But overall, I try to keep our group focused on us. Focus on our campaign and our message."

News 9 and News On 6 will feature stories on the Stitt and Cornett campaigns leading up to the runoff election on August 28, 2018.