Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office Monitoring Dam After Breach

Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 7:19 pm

Sheriff Dennis Banther with the Kingfisher County Sheriff's is warning of potential flooding due to a dam breach. 

According to Banther, Falcon Lake is likely going to breach the dam, which would cause major flooding to the area. 

Officials said they noticed a break in the dam around 1 p.m. but they are unsure of a timeline for how long the threat will last. 

Falcon Lake is located just north of Canadian, Logan, Kingfisher counties. 

Officials said the Water Rescue Board requested that Waterloo Road be shut down. The Piedmont Fire Department were on the scene throughout the night with other agencies. One home was evacuated close to the dam.

Banther warned that homeowners need to be aware that if the dam is to breach, there is a potential for flooding, road washouts, and large walls of water. 

The road where the bridge is will remain closed until they can reassess this situation.