Outpouring Of Support For Metro Storm Victim

Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 11:01 pm
By: News 9

Oklahomans are showing an outpouring of support for an Oklahoma City resident whose truck was crushed under a falling tree during Tuesday night’s severe storms.

After finding out Ken Murrah was living on a fixed income, many people stepped in to offer donations.

Wednesday morning Murrah said neighbors also came to offer their time.

 “I didn't even know him, he's drove past 100 times, but I never knew him,” Murrah said.

Lamont Eddy, who lives in the area offered to help clear some of the debris.  

 “I said well let me go get my chainsaw and I’ll try to help you clear this,” Eddy said.

“He came here and we been here all day to get all these small branches,” Murrah said.

For six years Murrah and Eddy have shared the same neighborhood, but it wasn't until Wednesday that the two shared a conversation.

“I looked over there and seen him leaning on the fence, poor guy had a little tiny saw standing there all winded,” Eddy said.

After a tree fell onto his pickup Murrah said he got a lot of looks, but little help.

“A lot of people they don't help you, they'll drive by and look, but like you, you come back and that means a lot when you come back and talk to somebody,” Murrah said.

He said Eddy was the first person who stopped to help.

“You reap what you sow,” Eddy said.

“There's a lot of good people out there, you know,” said Murrah.

With Eddy's help, along with another neighbor who has offered to chauffeur him around until he figures out what to do for transportation, Murrah says he can tackle anything, even a 100 ft tree.

“Tomorrow we're going to whittle it down to size,” Murrah said.

And even with his pickup out of commission, his home air conditioner going out last week, and a sick dog to boot, Murrah says he can't help but to keep his chin up.

“You can’t get down just because things don't go your way, you got to keep going and keep smiling, it's the best I can do,” Murrah said.

Anyone who is interested in helping; a fund in Ken Murrah's name has been established at Midfirst Bank on I-240 and Western.