First-Year Teachers Prepare For School Year

Thursday, August 16th 2018, 9:38 am
By: Ashley Holden

Thursday is the first day of school for students but also an official beginning for some first-year teachers.

The first-year teachers News 9 spoke with said between getting their classrooms together and learning each students' needs, there are a lot of pressures that come with that very first day. 

Lindsay Eschmann is a first-year teacher at Wilson Elementary. This year she's adopted a room full of second graders.

"Was just very, very nervous. But after a while, the kids warmed up to me and I warmed up to them," said Eschmann.

Just like her students, Eschmann admits she had first day jitters…but for a different reason.

"My biggest challenge will be teaching to every student's individualized needs because of my gifted and my lower level learners," she said.

Getting prepped for the year took time, planning and Eschmann's own money. "I came about two weeks before school started so I had two weeks to get my classroom all set up," she said.

I also used a lot of my own money to fund my classroom because the district does not provide enough funding for that.

But it's not just the room that teachers have to prepare.

"I think that my biggest challenge this year is just coming up with math curriculum. Unfortunately the district does not provide enough funding for that so I have to supplement my own materials and do lesson plans because of that," Eschmann said. 

Even with all this and a little bit bigger class, Eschmann says it's worth it. 

Eschmann said she's also been really happy with all the support she's received from other teachers…and even parents on her first day.