OKC Police Investigate Jewelry Store Heist

Sunday, August 19th 2018, 11:46 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

A jewelry heist here in the metro has left a shop owner with a hole in their ceiling, and an empty inventory. 

It's like something you'd see in a movie. The thief or thieves went in and out through the ceiling, and got away with hundreds of thousands worth of jewels. 

Eliseo Velasco didn't even notice his store had been broken into Sunday morning, until after he got inside Corporate Jewelry Repair at Southwest 77th Street and South Western Avenue. 

"You see a lot of stuff on the floor and I go more inside and I see the hole on the roof," said Velasco. 

Whoever burglarized the store came in by drilling a hole through the ceiling and shimmying down onto the safe. From there, the thief drilled a hole in the safe, where they found all the customers jewelry Velasco was working on. It was his entire repair inventory. 

"150, like $200,000 was in there," said Velasco. 

The heist didn't stop there. The thief noticed the surveillance equipment, and took that. So Velasco has no way of seeing who did this. 

"These people cut the cables, everything. The monitor and all the stuff in the alarm system," said Velasco. 

Velasco filed a report with Oklahoma City Police. Without surveillance, he's asking local pawn shops to watch out for any strange sellers. 

"What I told people in Oklahoma City or other places, if somebody tried to sell jewelry in the street, on any jewelry store, take a picture and let us know. We know out pieces," he said. 

He says he'll move on from this, but he is hurt and shocked someone would steal so much from his business. 

"What can you do? You know," said Velasco. 

He said he takes many steps to keep his store secure, locking up every night. He thinks the thief was likely a stranger and he is shocked by how elaborately planned the whole thing was.