Voters To Decide On Midwest City Bond Issue

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018, 9:58 pm
By: News 9

Voters will decide on a $53 million general obligation bond in Midwest City, August 28. The bond includes four individual propositions.

Under the first proposition, 249 residential streets would be repaired in Midwest City. The second proposition would renovate the aging water booster station.

The third proposition features parks and recreation projects at locations including John Conrad Golf Course, Reed Baseball field and Mid-America Park, among others.

The fourth proposition covers public safety. Among other projects, it adds a joint facility for police and fire. Crews will be able to conduct live burn training and SWAT, active shooter, and hostage scenarios.

It also replaces tornado sirens and upgrades 911 technology.

The fire department would also receive two new trucks and an exhaust removal system.

“This system as soon as they start the truck, it senses and it starts to remove the exhaust and it doesn’t allow it to go into the station and therefore less likely that our guys or exposed or we minimize the exposure that they are to the diesel exhaust,” said Chief Bert Norton, Midwest City Fire.

A new animal shelter is also on the list of public safety projects, which would have double the capacity of the current facility.

“What we have now is not really conducive to what we’re trying to do and that is put animals back out with loving families and not have to euthanize them,” said Chief Brandon Clabes, Midwest City Police.

“These are all quality of life issues that keep people coming into Midwest City and keep them here when they get here,” said Mayor Matt Dukes.

If all four propositions pass, it will be about an $8 per month tax increase for property owners with net assessed value of $100,000.

If the propositions do not pass, Mayor Dukes said the projects will have to be programmed into the budget. “Which just prolongs those issues from getting completed,” he added.

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