Kevin Stitt Promotes Manufacturing Industry As Runoff Vote Nears

Thursday, August 23rd 2018, 6:57 pm

Kevin Stitt returned Tulsa Thursday night after spending the day visiting Hulbert and Pryor. Stitt says they have some new polling out on the race with just a few days left to go.

At a campaign appearance in Pryor where manufacturing and industry are booming Candidate Kevin Stitt said it's a good example of what's possible with Oklahoma's location and natural resources if the state develops a workforce.

“And this is a perfect example of things we can do in other parts of the state, but you know manufacturing is high tech. We've got to start teaching that in our career tech and Common Ed. There are great careers for our kids and we need to start promoting that,” said Stitt.

Stitt said as the primary campaign winds down he's meeting several times a day with groups like this and trying to make sure he closes the deal and gets voters into their polling place.

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“We're still showing that it's really a really really tight race, we've got a slight edge, but we've got to turn our voters out. If people want change, they've got to get out to the polls,” said Stitt.

Kevin Stitt will make his way to Oklahoma City on Friday.

News 9 and News On 6 will feature stories on the Stitt and Cornett campaigns leading up to the runoff election on August 28, 2018.