82-Year-Old Stillwater Woman Attacked By Sex Offender

Thursday, August 23rd 2018, 10:25 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Police confirm 27-year-old Kwamain Baker recently confessed to the sexual battery of an 82-year-old woman.

The attack happened back on August 16, according to police.

That woman told News 9 that the suspect jumped from behind a tree and grabbed her while she was standing in her front yard.

She lives at Senior Residences of Stillwater off Main Street.

“He grabbed me, put me right up against him, grabbed my behind and started down my leg,” says the victim.

News 9 will not be releasing the woman’s identity.

She is still covered in bruises.

The victim says she was with her dog when Baker approached. She says she begged him to let her go before she slapped him away.

“He said no, I have been watching you for quite a while. He just wouldn't leave me alone so I started fighting,” says the victim.

She was able to get away and call 911.

Police say Baker ran a few blocks over and was arrested at a nearby gas station. He had recently been released from Logan County Jail.

“That's pretty quick, to have been released from jail in the last two or three weeks, and then to go and offend again,” says Stillwater Police Sgt. Kyle Gibbs.

Court documents state in December of 2017, Baker pleaded guilty to the inappropriate touching of a 15-year-old girl.

Officers say after he was released from custody, he never registered as a sex offender. They add they were on the lookout for him, and his listed address is within the same community as the victim.

That is a restricted zone for sex offenders.

Regarding the sexual battery case from a few days ago, Baker is quoted as telling investigators, "that he has to have sexual intercourse" and that his approach to women, is to "touch them before speaking to them."

Court documents also state Baker said that "if they want to have sex with him then they will."

Investigators say he then admitted to the sexual battery of the 82-year-old victim.

Her worry is that she won't be the last person he attacks.

“That's the fear we all have, everybody should have,” said the victim. “A sad situation, but it's getting worse instead of better.”

Baker is being held on a $30,000 bond in Payne County.