$50M Bond Package Includes New Soccer Fields In Midwest City

Wednesday, August 29th 2018, 10:42 pm
By: News 9

Midwest City voters approved a $50 million general bond package, the largest in the city’s history, Tuesday. 

Among several future projects on tap, is the addition of two new soccer fields next to Joe Barnes Park. 

Midwest City’s soccer community has made due with one practice field for 40 years. 

City Economic Development Director Robert Coleman says several new sports facilities means local families won’t have to travel so far to watch their kids play. 

“This is about quality of life, and our citizens to me in this bond issue said we’re not going to settle for second best, we want to be first, and they put the money where it needed to be,” Coleman said. 

The soccer fields are expected to ready in less than two years, according to Coleman.  He says a $5 million multi-sports facility nearby will be finished sometime in 2020.