Internal Skimmers Found At Popular Minco Gas Station

Thursday, August 30th 2018, 6:33 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

Residents of Minco are watching their bank accounts after skimmers were found at one of the only gas stations in town.

Police say skimmers were found at Mac’s Corner Store, and were likely there from August 19 through August 29. 

“We are a small town so most of us, they are our friends that do business with us,” Melinda McPherson, the Mac’s Corner Store owner said.

McPherson had to let her customers and friends know about the skimmers right away. 

The skimmers were actually hidden in her gas pumps, impossible to see from the outside.

“We check for the outside skimmers on a regular basis, but we had no idea you could even get inside and attach them,” McPherson said.

It’s the first time Mac’s Corner Store has been targeted. 

Police took the skimmers out and are investigating. 

Customers like Jamie Oaks were notified McPherson right away. 

“When they posted on Facebook that they had found the skimmers, it immediately clicked, “ Oaks said. 

Last weekend, Oak’s bank alerted her of suspicious charges out of Washington state. 

“There’s at least three transactions that we can see right now,” Oaks said. 

The banks returned Oaks’ money to her, and the loyal customer says this won’t keep her from going back to Macs. 

However, Oaks says she’ll watch her accounts more closely now. 

“You don’t think that being in a small town, that stuff like this is going to happen, and it does,” Oaks said. 

McPherson is determined to stop it from happening again. 

The store is switching the locks out on their pumps to make it harder for criminals to pick.

“It’s so frustrating that people have this type of technology and they know what to do and they use it for evil,” McPherson said.

Police are reminding people who have paid outside at the gas pump to watch their bank statements closely. 

The types of skimmers found can pick up chip payments. 

According to McPherson, investigators are working to determine whether or not card info was already collected.