ODOT Working To Patch Potholes On Aging Bridges, Roadways

Thursday, August 30th 2018, 10:15 pm
By: News 9

A gaping pothole along Interstate 35 narrowed traffic for several hours. ODOT says the southbound bridge over 63rd Street has been deteriorating for years. And while the hole has been patched, it's only a temporary solution.

While it's served Oklahoma well for the past 60 years, the I-35 bridge over 63rd is showing its age.

ODOT says it’s taken a beating from the 35,000 drivers that travel it every day.

“There was about a two foot by two-foot hole in the bridge and our crews responded immediately, shut down the lanes, shut down the ramp, got there, took care of it,” said ODOT spokeswoman Mills Leslie.

Leslie says despite repairs, the bridge is expected to continue to crumble and crack—until more extensive repairs are made in 2020.

“We are finding that we are responding to holes frequently and that's something we are trying to keep on top of,” said Leslie.  

Earlier this week, Leslie said crews tackled a similar problem on Interstate 44 and May, where another pothole opened up during rush hour traffic. She said despite the dangers and delay in traffic, workers moved in and patched the bridge.

“We have to get in and respond immediately and close that down to make it safe for the traveling public,” said Leslie.  

Leslie said while drivers may be a little frustrated now, ODOT is constantly working to make improvements to the state's bridges and highways.

She said currently there's 106 projects statewide with 13 of them in the metro alone.

“It may seem like there's a lot of projects, but these are larger projects, major projects in the metro areas. They're going to impact drivers quite a bit,” said Leslie.

Leslie encourages drivers who come across major potholes to call them in immediately, by dialing *55.

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