Labor Day Weekend Lake Safety Tips

Saturday, September 1st 2018, 8:54 pm
By: News 9

OHP is stepping up enforcement on lakes to keep people safe this weekend.

And they say they'll be checking boats to make sure they have everything required to operate safely.

Here are a few things you need to know:

Your boat must be registered, and you have to have your registration with you.

Your number must also be displayed properly, and personal flotation devices must be accessible for everyone on board-- including one throwable device.

“Over 80% of the people who die in fatality boating accidents in this country, drown,” Trooper Ryan Griffith said.

Also make sure you have a sounding device, and fire extinguisher.

Don't take these few items as the only thing you'll need this weekend. You can always find the Oklahoma boating laws handbook at your local marina.

Another big part of OHP's operation this weekend, is monitoring alcohol intake.

“We’re looking for people out here that’s operating erratically. We’re looking for people who are not drinking responsibly. Wo is operating vessels while under the influence,” Griffith said.

Troopers say buzzed driving is still drunk driving, whether it's in a car or a boat.

They also want to remind boat drivers to always look out for your surroundings, and to travel at appropriate speeds.

Trooper Griffith says one of the major causes of boating accidents is improper lookout.

“We look for people who are driving too fast, way too close to other boats. Because if everyone would just keep their distance, we think that we’d have less accidents,” Griffith said.

If you would like a look at the Oklahoma Boating Laws handbook, click the link here