2 Arrested After Police Chase, Manhunt In NW OKC

Monday, September 3rd 2018, 2:26 pm
By: News 9

Two people were arrested Monday following a chase that turned into a manhunt in Northwest Oklahoma City. Police say it all started when a man spotted the suspects behind the wheel of his recently stolen car.

The owner of the car told News 9 it was stolen from an apartment complex near 23rd and Ann Arbor. He said he was putting some things into the trunk of his car, he left the keys in his trunk went inside and when he came back out his car was gone.

When he was riding with his daughter Monday morning, they spotted the car.

“I come this way, that guy’s going that way,” he said.

Antonio and his daughter followed the car and called police.

Officers tried to pull the car over, but the driver took off.  After a short chase, the driver and passenger bailed out of the vehicle at Reno and Meridian.

“This car pulls up, this guy jumps out and starts taking his jacket off,” said John Pierce, who was watching the whole thing from the “On The Border” patio right across the street.

He was caught before he made it too far. Police said he is wanted.

“The girl stood there for a few seconds figuring out where she was going to go,” said Joann Villescas, another witness.

“Then the girl runs right over here to this warren place,” continued Pierce. “She knocked on the door trying to get in and then she rolled up under the fence and rolled into the place.”

For about an hour, police searched the lot. Eventually, they were able to find the woman and take her into custody. 

News 9 expects to learn more information about the two suspects Tuesday.