OKC Woman Saves Toddler From Near Drowning

Monday, September 3rd 2018, 6:13 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

An Oklahoma City woman is a hero, after saving a little boy from drowning on Lake Murray Sunday. 

Little Aaron Gonzales was all smiles Monday after he was released from a hospital in Dallas.

Aaron, who is just four days shy of his second birthday, was playing with some other children in the water when he went under.

Belle Seeley of Oklahoma City heard the boy’s father screaming as he lifted his son from the water.

"He was completely lifeless. All four limbs were just dangling in his arms and the dad was just screaming for somebody to come help him,” said Seeley.

Seeley, a medical assistant at Saint Anthony’s in Oklahoma City, rushed over to help.

"I got down. He had absolutely no vitals at all. I started performing CPR. I did two rounds of CPR before he finally coughed up some water. Still no vitals on the third round of CPR. He finally started coughing a little bit,” said Seeley.

By the time the ambulance got there, Aaron had started to cry. 

Seeley said she was amazed none of the children on the beach, including Aaron, were wearing floatation devices.

"It's sad that there were so many children there with no life vests, especially when there was a life vest tree right there on the beach full of life vests that could have been easily accessible,” said Seeley.

Equally shocking, she said, dozens of people watched without helping. She urges people to learn CPR. 

"Nobody else on that beach knew CPR yesterday. This could be a different story that we're telling right now,” said Seeley. “He could be planning his funeral instead of his birthday party."