Body Camera Video Shows Police Respond To Reported Lurking Gator

Monday, September 3rd 2018, 10:14 pm
By: News 9

A baby alligator was captured by police after it was found lurking in a Moore neighborhood.

Police responded to Southwest 20th Street and Santa Fe Avenue after Gina Jones called animal control for help.

Police Body Camera: "That’s probably a once in career thing right there buddy."

Jones says her husband discovered the alligator after stepping outside.

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“It was two and a half, three feet long,” said Jones.

She says armed with a laundry basket and a little perseverance her husband captured the gator.

“Ran and hissed and opened its mouth all the way, you could see all its teeth,” Jones continued, “It ran up and down and it was fast like a dog.”

Gina says while she and her husband aren't sure where the reptile came from they're hoping there's not any more.

“He said I don't want the mom out there,” said Jones.  

Police said more than likely the gator was someone's pet, an illegal pet without the proper permit. The alligator was with the Department of Wildlife.