Investigation Underway After 2 Teachers Injured At Deer Creek School

Tuesday, September 4th 2018, 6:54 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma City County Sheriff is investigating an incident at Deer Creek Intermediate School that left two teachers injured and a student being questioned.

On Friday, News 9 received a call from a concerned parent, stating that a student, at Deer Creek Intermediate School, may have stabbed and punched a teacher.

Right now, the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office can confirm an 11-year-old student got into some kind of altercation with two teachers.

“Now this happened away from other students. No other students were involved, or even in the immediate vicinity of the interaction between these three,” said OCSO Spokesman Mark Opgrande.

It's still unclear what lead up to the altercation, but News 9 did receive a tip saying that the suspect jabbed one of the teachers in the knee after punching the other. But neither teacher experienced major injuries.

“The result of the interaction, we are going to be recommending charges to the juvenile district attorney's office for juvenile charges of Assault and Battery,” said Opgrande.

The situation is still under investigation, but News 9 was told it's not likely the suspect's name will be released because of his age.

“We do have deputies on all of their campuses. So when something like this does happen, we have the ability to intervene to come in to investigate. And try to make sure, try to figure out what happened. So that's in this case, we are putting together a report on exactly what transpired between all those individuals,” said Opgrande.

Deer Creek Public Schools did send their statement regarding the incident. It says in part, "Deer Creek School's number one priority is the safety of students and our staff. If or when an incident is reported, it is investigated. If anything is found, it is addressed immediately. Federal, state, local policy and laws are followed."

Once the report is finalized, News 9 will update.