Moore Police Release Body Camera Footage Of Wild Chase

Wednesday, September 5th 2018, 10:46 pm
By: News 9

A wild chase through Moore ends with a convicted felon back behind bars.

It all started after police found the man, passed out in a Burger King drive thru with cash on his lap. 

“He was passed out behind the wheel it did appear he was intoxicated we did find a large amount of heroin,” said Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis.

Even worse, Corie Humbolt, a convicted felon, was armed.

“When the officer looked inside there was a firearm sitting next to the individual ,” said Lewis.

The officer was able to retrieve the gun before Humbolt tried to getaway.

Leading police on a chase down I-35 during lunch traffic, police backed off until Humbolt was spotted driving recklessly through a Southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

“Both tires had been blown out on the right side,” said Humbolt.

Plaza Elementary was placed on lock down as police focused in on this home.

“When the officers were outside they thought they had heard someone inside, once they got inside there was a hole in the attic,” said Lewis.

Damage that the homeowner told police wasn't there when she left for work.

“He had crawled into the attic and he had partially fallen through and then stayed in the attic,” said Lewis.

Police body camera captured the moment Humbolt was dragged out by police, after officers deployed a can of pepper spray.

After a brief struggle, Humbolt was placed into handcuffs, and is seen hobbling out of the home.

Lewis says while the house  was a little torn up, the owners were fortunate they weren't around when Humbolt slipped in through an unlocked door.

“This is not a good guy he’s a convicted felon, under the influence of heroin, he had a weapon, driving intoxicated and was willing to go into a home that was occupied or not,” said Lewis.