Logan County Road Washout Creates Big Problems

Monday, September 10th 2018, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

A main thoroughfare in Logan County is expected to reopen Tuesday. 

Following a downpour last week, a large canyon was left along Forrest Hills Road between Anderson and Hiawasse.

In addition to serving as a bus route for two school districts-- businesses like the Lazy E Arena use the road daily to transport equipment and high dollar horses to and from its training facility.

Last week's rains proved too much for a 30-year-old tin horn that suddenly gave way.

“It was a canyon, it was 20, 25-foot-deep, 50 feet across and I’m looking at it going holy smokes! I need to get some signs up,” Logan County Commissioner, District 2 Mike Pearson said.

Pearson says since the washout crews have been working around the clock replacing the failed tinhorn and filling in the road.

“You have your emergency services, in order to get to these people when they’re having a problem, having an extra 5 miles it could be the difference between life and death,” Pearson said. 

Until repairs are complete, Lazy E Arena Operations Director Helen Price says they're making due but have been forced to travel a less than desirable route.

“It is a big challenge for us, it's six miles of dirt and gravel roads,” Price said.

Price says the alternate route is longer, narrower, and bumpier, making for a rough ride for both the driver and animal.

“We've already had a couple of them slide off over into the ditch trying to get out of someone else’s way,” Price said.  “We're taking an extra hour just to get a horse from point A to point B. We think long and hard before we transport one of those, everything gets transported to them,” Price said.

Commissioner Pearson expects the road to reopen Tuesday.