Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Denies Claims In Financial Disclosure

Thursday, September 13th 2018, 8:57 am
By: Grant Hermes

Former EPA Administrator and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is under scrutiny once again after the agency he once led released his 2017 financial documents.

The report is raising questions not for what it includes but rather what it doesn't. Pruitt is alleging he didn't receive any "reportable" gifts while he was in charge of the EPA.

This has struck many government watchdogs as suspect, including one who said the report had some "significant omissions."

Pruitt's short time as EPA Administrator was ridden with scandals including a low-rent apartment from the wife of an energy industry lobbyist using staffers to find a used Trump hotel mattress and a short term job for his wife at an event where he was featured as the head of the EPA, which could be seen as gifts if Pruitt didn't reimburse the government for the cost.

In a 13-page letter Pruitt responded to criticism about his disclosure saying in part... "To the extent that I am aware of specific allegations, I dispute the facts asserted."

It should be noted, facts can't be disputed. It's why they're facts.

Pruitt was the subject of at least 14 ongoing investigations when he resigned from the EPA back in July.

Pruitt is also reportedly in talks to join a coal company near his hometown of Tulsa. He's also in debt to two Oklahoam law firms for up to $300,000 which have defended him in those various scandals.