Valley Brook Police Department Accused Of Making Arrests In OKC

Friday, September 14th 2018, 10:29 pm
By: News 9

A former stripper who was pulled over by Valley Brook Police for transporting an illegal gun and pot, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Valley Brook, which is a town of 700 people. 

Her attorneys claim the spot on Southeast 59th Street where Valley Brook officers nabbed Marquenisha Mckinnley in June 2017, is actually in Oklahoma City. 

They say Oklahoma City annexed that strip of property 61 years ago, and they have the maps to prove it.  Valley Brook’s Attorney Ray Vincent told News 9 Tuesday that an “inter-local agreement” allows Oklahoma City and Valley Brook Police to make arrests in on that same stretch of Southeast 59th Street. However, Wednesday the Archivist for the Oklahoma City Clerk’s Office told News 9, they don’t have any record of such an agreement. 

Jeff Box and Marvel Lewis represent Mckinnley.  They say there could be thousands of motorists who have been arrested illegally by Valley Brook Police.

“You got 15 police officers out there 24/7 just stopping people for a break light or anything, not that that’s the way it’s not supposed to be,” Lewis said. “But Oklahoma City Police are supposed to be enforcing that, not Valley Brook, and I think Valley Brook, I have no explanation why they are doing it again, but we’ll find out,” he said. 

News 9 reached out to Ray Vincent again on Thursday about what the Oklahoma City Clerk’s Office said.  He has not returned our call.”