El Reno Police Release 911 Call From Friday Homicide

Saturday, September 15th 2018, 10:12 pm

 Witnesses can be heard providing evidence in the 911 call for Friday’s fatal El Reno shooting.

The call only lasted three minutes, and the witnesses spoke in frantic tones, but still managed to provide key evidence that helped police catch their suspect. 

Early Friday evening, a man was shot outside the Ruddie's Quick shop on West Elm Street.

A woman called 911 right away, and the dispatcher tried instructing the caller on lifesaving efforts for the witness.

“Is there someone with him? If not, we need someone to go over there and try to patch him up. Apply pressure to the wound,” the dispatcher instructed.

Life-saving efforts proved ineffective. The victim died later in the evening at a nearby hospital.

Before first responders could arrive, witnesses relayed information on the suspect's vehicle, including the make and license plate number.

Just before midnight, police tracked down the suspect, Zachary Khea Huber was arrested just after midnight.

The suspect has been in trouble with the law in Blaine and Major counties before.