Evidence Unsealed In Ralph Shortey Case

Sunday, September 16th 2018, 10:45 pm

 Former state senator Ralph Shortey will be sentenced Monday for child sex trafficking.

Documents unsealed Thursday reveal new details about Shortey’s secret online life.

Craigslist sex ads, dirty motel photos and fake names are all documented in the case against the suspect.

In 2017 Shortey was found with an underage boy and marijuana in a Moore Super Eight motel.

Records in the case that followed included 14 ads taken out by Shortey on Craigslist.

One ad identifies him as, "…a married guy looking for a boy…" and requests, “…younger the better…”

Several posts request correspondents send photos.

Reports also claim Shortey and his 17-year-old victim exchanged nude images.

Shortey was known to the victim as ‘Brian Tilley,’ one of two pseudonyms authorities say he used online.

Unsealed evidence includes photos of the motel room Shortey and the victim were discovered in.

The images show stains on an unkept bed, although the victim claims they likely weren’t from his interaction with Shortey.

Shortey was indicted in federal court and entered a guilty plea for child trafficking charges.