'He Didn't Even Look Like He Was There' Friend Weighs In On El Reno Gunman

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

The childhood friend of an El Reno gunman says the shooters actions were unlike the friend he once knew. 

The gunman, Zachary Huber, confirmed police suspicions, admitting he did not know the victim Ryan Johnson.

Huber is accused of gunning Johnson down Friday night in what police believe was a random shooting.

While police have not identified a motive, one of Huber’s friends who asked not to be identified, claims Huber is a shell of a the person he once was.

“We hung out every day, we hung out after football practice, on the weekends, almost every day,” Zach's friend said.  

Until he watched the video for himself, Zach's friend says he held out hope, that there had been a mistake.

“I watched the video it was Zach, you can tell,” he said. 

The video shows Huber getting out of his car, taking aim, before zeroing in on an unsuspecting victim.

“He had that look on his face, he didn’t even look like he was there,” Zach's friend explained. 

Once inseparable, Zach's childhood friend said in recent years the two lost touch.

He said in high school Huber became tangled up in drugs and crime, bouncing in and out of rehab before landing in jail.

After getting out in 2015, friends say there was a noticeable change.

“He was a completely different person and not in a good way,” he said. 

We're told for years Huber was despondent and wanted to be alone. But suddenly a week before the shooting, Huber told friends his life was turning around.

“He was talking about how good he was doing with his job, going to get a new apartment, he just bought a new car and then this.” Zach's friend said.