Disturbing Video: Woman Charged With Abuse By Caretaker, Victim Is Suspect's Mother

Thursday, September 20th 2018, 10:08 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Angela Zeller, 40,  is locked up in Garvin County Jail after police say cellphone video caught her abusing her own mother.

Pauls Valley Police arrested Zeller just over a week ago, on September 11. Zeller is charged with abuse of a caretaker.

According to court documents, the victim accused Zeller of turning off her oxygen tank while she was asleep.

Video shows the victim sitting in bed, as her daughter screamed into her face repeatedly.

  • Angela: F*** you b****, I f***** hate you. I f***** hate you. 
  • Mother: Oh God, stop screams

Zeller appears to grab her mother by the arm and head.

Police say the person filming is Paul Zeller, who married Angela back in 2002.

  • Angela: You are a f***** evil B****. You're so f***** evil. I hate you. 
  • Angela's husband: Angie Quit. 
  • Angela: I f***** hate you.

All three of the people involved were living at the home, according to police.

Officers say Zeller was livid with her mother, because she believed that her mother wanted both her and her daughter to die in a car wreck.

At one point, Zeller's husband tells her he is going to call 911.

  • Angela: I don't care.
  • Angela's husband: I am going to call the cops.
  • Angela: Call the cops. I don't give a damn.

But, that 911 call was never made.

Instead, it was Zeller who approached an officer.

A cruiser happened to be passing by and the policeman was flagged down by her on West Garvin Avenue, around 8 p.m.

“The suspect is the one that flagged us down, not really sure who was filming it, but we would have appreciated it if they would have called us sooner,” said Pauls Valley Police Chief Mitch McGill.

Court documents reveal, both the victim and Paul Zeller told officers that , "Angela Zeller is a drunk" and that she had been "drinking alcohol all day"

At one point in the video, the suspect even hits herself. That's where the video stops.

A protective order was filed in the case.

Police say while the video makes for crucial evidence, they urge others to call 911 before filming violent incidents.