Witness Says He's 'Hyper-Aware Of His Surroundings' After El Reno Shooting

Friday, September 21st 2018, 10:32 pm
By: News 9

An El Reno man says he's had a hard time sleeping and working after witnessing a man gunned down last week.

The witness was just feet away as police say Zachary Huber fired multiple shots at Ruddie's Quick Stop.

Ruben Morales said he was seconds away from pulling out of the gas station when something caught his attention.

He was behind the wheel of a white Tahoe captured on video backing out of a parking space.

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“I heard a loud pop it, it wasn’t too loud, but it sounded like a tire busting,” said Morales.

Stopping immediately, Morales said in the seconds that followed he locked eyes with a startled 37-year-old Ryan Johnson.

“I looked over and the victim kinda looked at me like, I thought something flew off my tire and broke his window because I noticed his window was shattered,” said Morales.  

Morales said before he could even react there was more gunfire.

“And then I hear another pop, pop, pop, maybe like two or three,” said Morales.

That's when he realized someone was shooting.

“I look in my driver mirror and I see the shooter walking toward, with his hand out with a gun aiming in that gentleman's direction,” said Morales.

He said instinctively he drove away from the gunfire.

“A lot of people were saying I should have backed up and run him over as he was shooting behind my vehicle,” said Morales.

Later, Morales circled back, realizing there wasn’t anything more he could do.

“He was laying on front of his vehicle and he was motionless,” said Morales, “It's just one of those things like you beat yourself about all the possibilities and all the what ifs.”

Since the shooting, Ruben says he's become hyper-aware of his surroundings even when going about his day to day routine.

Zachary Huber remains in jail, awaiting formal charges.