Burglar Attempts Break-In Of 4 Sleeping Residents In Norman

Wednesday, September 26th 2018, 11:17 pm
By: News 9

An accused burglar rummages through a home, all while the residents are sleeping

Images of the burglar were caught on camera as he entered and exited the Norman home.

Four Oklahoma University students, who asked not to be identified had just gone to bed when they started to hear noises.

“He was yelling and slamming doors,” said an unidentified burglary victim.

"Each of us separately woke up in our rooms and texted our group text like who's here," said an unidentified burglary victim.

The girls texted their landlord next door. They believe his quick response spooked the would-be burglar. 

“They had flashlights and stuff and on the video he's sprinting out the back door,” said an unidentified burglary victim.

The surveillance video shows the man knocking and ringing the bell before finally letting himself in through an unlocked door.

The girls said while nothing was taken, the break-in has left them shaken.

“We don’t even know why he came in our house that’s the main thing that bothers me,” said an unidentified burglary victim.

Norman Police Public Information Officer Sarah Jensen says officers want to figure that out, saying things could have taken a turn had the man been confronted.

“This could have very easily been a very different case which is why it’s so important if people recognize this individual to come forward,” Officer Jensen said.

Until he's in custody, the girls said they're taking precautions. 

“I have to sleep with all my doors locked,” said an unidentified burglary victim.