1 Arrested, Victims Identified In Double Shooting At SW OKC Hotel

Thursday, September 27th 2018, 5:52 pm
By: News 9

Police arrest a man in connection to a double shooting and burglary at the Plaza Inn hotel in Southeast Oklahoma City on Monday night.

Thomas Leshore, 38, was arrested Wednesday night after an officer recognized him from a BOLO sent to the department after the shooting.

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The shooting victims have been identified as 43-year-old Gregory Crawford and 38-year-old Kenneth Cole. An arrest affidavit reveals Crawford was shot in the head and Cole was shot in the chest.

The local man behind JohnTV.com is not surprised Crawford was named as one of the victims.  

“He rips off a lot of people,” said Brian Bates, JohnTV.com. “He’s made a lot of enemies.”

He said Crawford is also known on the streets as "Pig."  Bates has been following the convicted felon for years, exposing pimps and prostitution in the metro.

“He targets so many of our young woman and sells them on South Robinson and then he is also known as a drug dealer,” said Bates. “He’s known to sell turkey dope or fake dope.”

Crawford posted several photos on Facebook only hours before the Plaza Inn Hotel shooting. Bates does not know the details of why Crawford was targeted but speculates it was of a criminal nature.

“I would almost bet it’s over someone he was prostituting or forcing into prostitution,” said Bates. “Or he did somebody wrong in a drug deal.”

Police said the Leshore had an argument with Crawford and Cole inside a hotel room.

The arrest affidavit indicates Leshore came back to the room, kicked in the door and then shot at Cole. Crawford and another person inside the room hid in the bathroom. Leshore fired twice in the bathroom striking Crawford in the head and firing once into the bathtub. Before leaving the room, Leshore fired another round at Cole and fled the scene.

Police said Cole suffered non-life threatening wounds and Crawford was critically injured.

“So it will be real curious to see what his activities are if he gets out of the hospital,” said Bates.

Leshore faces multiple complaints of shooting with intent to kill and one complaint of first-degree burglary.