Family Searches For Answers 1 Year After Man Vanishes

Friday, September 28th 2018, 10:36 pm
By: News 9

A family continues to search for answers one year after 27-year-old Joseph Lartey vanished without a trace. 

At the time of his disappearance police recovered Lartey’s ankle monitor that he was ordered to wear while on probation. Since then, his family has suspected foul play.

“I know 100 percent that Joseph, something bad happened to him someone did something to him and they need to come tell us who did it and where he's at,” said Jennifer Lartey, Joe’s sister.

Jennifer said she knew something was wrong the second her brother's probation officer contacted her, letting her know Joe had missed curfew.

“I immediately went into trying to call the police, trying to get someone to ping his phone, locate his car, I knew something was happening, I knew something bad had happened to him,” said Jennifer Lartey, Joe’s sister.

Jennifer said Joe, one of her five siblings was extremely close to his family, and had recently become a father.

“He had a three month old daughter at the time, there's no way he would have left her, he had his daughter with him every single day, as a matter of fact the hour before he went missing he was visiting his daughter,” said Jennifer. 

Since his disappearance life has been a roller coaster, Jennifer explained.

“Every phone call that you get or any unknown number, you’re wanting it to be that answer for you,” said Jennifer. 

Without answers her family is left holding tight to memories, pictures, and videos.

“He’s someone’s son, he’s someone’s father, he’s someone’s brother, he deserves justice and we deserve answers and there needs to be peace,” said Jennifer. 

The family is hoping a $5000 reward will help them find the answers and closure they’re looking for.

“I think it's one thing when someone dies because you have a funeral and you mourn that person, but when someone goes missing it’s a feeling that indescribable ,” she said. 

If her brother is dead, Jennifer said Joe deserves a proper burial.

“I truly believe that no matter what you’ve done in your life everyone deserves a peaceful resting place, no one deserves to be left alone,” said Jennifer. 

The family is holding a balloon release, as a reminder that Joe has not been forgotten.