Former Metro Daycare Owner Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Child

Wednesday, October 3rd 2018, 6:15 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma County jury has found a former metro daycare owner guilty of sexually abusing a child.

William Epperly, 39, is now in the Oklahoma County Jail awaiting his sentencing.

Court documents indicate the abuse happened in 2015 and the victim was 13-years-old.

The man’s wife would not comment about Epperly’s trial or the guilty verdict. She only stated that he is no longer associated with the two daycares they co-owned.

An Oklahoma Department of Human Services spokesperson confirmed Epperly’s ownership involvement in 2015.  

“Mr. Epperly was not involved in the operations of the daycare,” said Casey White, DHS spokesperson. “But he was a co-owner through the company’s LLC.”

Epperly and his wife co-owned two home daycares, one in Northwest Oklahoma City and one in Edmond. Both are still open and operating under the name Arbor Village but without Epperly.

Edmond Police opened an investigation against him in 2015 after being contacted by DHS. The 13-year-old victim told police she was sexually abused by Epperly inside his home. Court documents from 2015 state Epperly refused to cooperate with law enforcement and DHS.

The allegations were also not reported to the state's daycare licensing until 2016, nearly a year after Epperly was charged with one count of sexual abuse of a child.

“When we learned about these allegations we not only told him you aren’t allowed on the premises of either of the daycare’s program,” said White. “In addition, you need to be removed as part owner of the LLC.”

DHS officials and court documents indicate the abuse did not happen at either daycare.

“In addition, the daycares are not the Epperly’s residence,” said White. “They are home daycares but not the residence of the Epperly’s.”

Epperly's jury trial was held last week and his sentencing is set for November 2.