Yukon Sued Over Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Wednesday, October 3rd 2018, 10:23 pm
By: News 9

The City of Yukon is being sued over its medical marijuana ordinance.

The lawsuit, filed in Canadian County alleges the city's recently enforced ordinance violates SQ 788.

After filing the lawsuit Wednesday, attorneys argued that the City of Yukon’s ordinances surrounding medical marijuana essentially forced card holders to waive their constitutional rights.

Plaintiff and Yukon resident Jason Hodge said the City of Yukon is keeping him from getting the medicine he needs.

“A licensed physician recommended I use medical cannabis for my ailments,” said Hodge.

While the city allows him to grow and use marijuana in his home, it comes at a price he's not willing to pay, he explained.

“it's more than frustrating I’m living in fear that the police will kick down my door because something that the people of Oklahoma say we should be able to do,” said Hodge.

One of Hodge’s attorneys,  Rachel Bussett,  said the Yukon City ordinance forcing him and others to register their grows is illegal.

“We don’t have mandatory gun regulations, the state doesn't know how many weapons I have in my home, they don’t know how many Lortabs, Xanax or any other medication in my home. Why do they get to know in advance that I chose or Jason chooses to use medical marijuana to treat their illness. it's none of their business,” said Bussett.

The ordinance also impacted dispensaries that were forced to adhere to a litany of regulations from the city, according to Bussett.

And while Yukon City Manager James Crosby stands by the new ordinance, he said it's not set in stone.