2 Garvin County Men Charged For Beating Teen

Thursday, October 4th 2018, 7:08 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Two Garvin County men are facing charges after police say they jumped and beat a teenager they didn’t even know. 

Jesston Sorenson, 15, said he was just walking down the street in Stratford minding his own business when a car pulled up, two adults got out and beat him up.

Sorenson says it all started when 37-year-old Jaime McDonald and 19-year-old Hunter Jones began asking him about another kid.

“And I told them that I was just going to go home.” Sorenson said, “I wasn't going to tell him who he was or where he was at. I didn’t want no part of it and he looked at me and said do you want to get knocked the (expletive) out. And I told them I'm a minor, I hope you aren't going to touch me. I said screw a whole lot of that then they both started hitting me.”

Sorenson says he managed to get to his brother’s house, but nobody was home. "And got on his porch and knocked on his door and he wasn't home. And they both come up there still trying to get me to fight them. And then they left.”

Sorenson's Mother, Jeanie Nunn said, "I just couldn't believe the audacity that anybody would have to touch a child of 15 whenever the child told them listen, I'm a miner. I'm only 15-years-old."

McDonald explained he and Jones did approach Sorenson, but Sorenson started swinging, so Jones says he hit Sorenson twice to back him off. The pair said it was self-defense.

"There's no way. It's not even possible. You can't have two guys on one, two adults on one 15-year-old and it be self-defense,” said Nunn. "They need to go to prison and be prosecuted to the fullest extent."

Police say they have several witnesses that say both men attacked the teen.