Rare Large Breed Of Mosquito In Oklahoma

Friday, October 5th 2018, 6:03 pm
By: News 9

News 9 received a photo from viewer Charli Miller, with what she suspected to be a giant mosquito.

Miller found it inside their home in Shawnee.

Experts confirmed that it was in fact a rare type of mosquito here in Oklahoma, that affects livestock more than humans.

“it's called a gallinipper or it's a psorophora ciliata,” Phil Maytubby with the OKC County Health Department, said.

They are typically not a disease carrying type.

Even though you rarely see this kind, other mosquito breeds are still very prevalent.

It's been a quiet year regarding diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. The Oklahoma City County Health Department says they've only seen one true case of West Nile Virus so far. The second case, they believe, was travel related. But they say there's still time for more.

“This is typically when we start seeing the majority of our cases. Cause usually it's toward the end of the summer,” Maytubby said.

This week, the city's health department's "Skeeter Meter" sits at a 3.25, which is considered normal.

But with the rain that's fast approaching, that number may rise.

“The biggest thing is to go around and make sure you don't have standing water. So if you have buckets or dog dishes, or

anything that will hold water, try to turn them over. If  you can't turn them over, treat them,” Maytubby said.

Even though we've hit fall, officials still recommend wearing insect repellent while outdoors.

You can also purchase larvicide from a home improvement store, to help prevent mosquitoes from repopulating in water.