Loved Ones Remember Slain McLoud Teen

Sunday, October 7th 2018, 10:35 pm

As police investigate the shooting death of a McLoud teenager, the victim’s friends and families are mourning.

A fifteen-year-old boy and girl were arrested for crime that left 16-year-old Kaylen Thomas shot in a home.

“She was such a good girl. You couldn't ask for a better daughter or a sister or anything. She was perfect,” Cynthia Thomas, the victim’s mother said.

Cynthia Thomas says she is still in shock after her daughter passed away from the shooting in the hospital Friday.

As officers investigate, family is still coming to grips with the tragedy.

“She was so happy. She loved school and everything about it. She was involved in everything. She was just finishing up cross country,” Cynthia said.

Kaylen is remembered by her mother as a loving sister and niece.

Cynthia says Kaylen was an honor student and an athlete.

“She had plans to go to college. I didn't even get to get her driver's license yet,” Cynthia said.

Kaylen's family tells News 9 they want to focus on her memory rather than her death investigation.

The victim’s friend Anthony Austian says he always thought the two teen suspects were bad news.

“Every time you ever had a bad day what made you smile was her green eyes and her smile, her bright white smile,” Austian said.

Austian is encouraging his classmates to wear Kaylen's favorite colors, blue and purple, to McLoud High School Monday.              

“People tell me everything happens for a reason and no one's given me a reason she had to die,” Austian said.

Several friends and family members who did not wish to interview sent statements to News 9.

Kaylen’s oldest sister, Samantha sent the following statement:

“To know love, thoughtfulness, and genuine good, was to know my sister Kaylen. She brightened up every room she walked into. Kaylen loved to make everyone laugh and she genuinely loved and cared for everyone around her. We became less the day Kaylen was taken from us. Less because of the profound and heartbreaking physical loss. Less because the world will never benefit from her, now unrealized, potential. Less because her smile, that could lessen a bad moment, is gone. To know my sister is to truly know you were loved. I am less because Kaylen is gone.”

Kaylen’s sister, Ashlee sent this message:

“From the moment I saw my baby sister come into this world my heart was so full. Kaylen was the light of our family. She was such a beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and loving girl. The best sister anyone could ask for. We are lost without Kaylen and a piece of all of us was taken with her when she was taken from us. There are no words to describe how incredibly broken I feel. 16 years wasn’t enough time with her. I didn’t leave Kaylen's side at the hospital until I was forced to and they took her away from me. Kaylen was my first best friend on this earth and I can’t imagine how I could ever heal from this. I will now never be able to see her grow into the amazing woman I always knew she would be. Kaylen will now never graduate high school, get her license, get married, have children, I could go on and on. My family and I are completely broken by this tragedy.”

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As police investigate the shooting death of a Mcloud teenager, the victim’s friends and families are mourning.