Thieves Steal Gear Needed For Moore Teacher's Second Job

Monday, October 8th 2018, 11:05 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Officers are searching for the people who broke into several cars in the Bluestem Ridge neighborhood last Tuesday.

Thousands of dollars in property was reported stolen after burglars smashed out several vehicle windows.

Matt Cain is one of the victim’s, and also works as a teacher at Moore.

He said thieves stole a gym bag out of his truck.

Inside that bag was a uniform that Cain wears to his second job.

The Moore teacher is also an umpire for local schools.

“That's a source of income for me, and I was real worried,” Cain said.

It’s softball regionals right now in Oklahoma.

Cain said within an hour of asking for help, his friends stepped up to the plate.

“I have been able to do two different regionals because of their generosity. I am blessed by that,” Cain said.

Police say they are searching for surveillance footage in the neighborhood.

Other neighbors reported losing medical equipment that was worth about $20,000.

A total of three reports were filed that night.

There is no suspect information that can be released at this time.

While Cain said he is sick of seeing this in his community, he left the burglars with a lingering reminder of who they stole from.

“They probably opened it up and I would have loved to the look on their face, and the odor from the sweat. It would've been priceless. Priceless,” Cain said.

Cain is calling on others to help put an end to these common crimes.

He adds that had he missed the regional games, he would be out hundreds of dollars.