Tornado Uproots Trees, Peels Off Roof In SE OKC Neighborhood

Tuesday, October 9th 2018, 6:33 pm
By: News 9

A tornado left a path of damage in a neighborhood near Southeast 149th Street and Anderson Road on Tuesday morning.

The roof on one of the homes on Edwin Road collapsed over the kids’ bedrooms. Homeowner Robin Schroeder said her boys were at school and work when the storm blew through.

“We looked and the roof was gone off of our room and the boys’ room,” said Robin Schroeder, homeowner. “And then down here on the other side that’s our boys’ room too. The only thing that’s good is the center part of our house is doing OK.”

Schroeder almost lost one of her dogs when she opened a door and it was sucked outside. She said the pet is fine and everyone in the home was unharmed.

Cleanup is now underway in her neighborhood.

Two large trees were pulled out of the ground in a neighbor’s front yard, the trees barely missed the home.

Kasie Hill said more than a dozen trees in her backyard were uprooted. Hill said she has been through tornados before and knew exactly what was happening around 8:30 Tuesday morning.   

“It just sounded like very high wind and I knew immediately,” said Hill. “This is my fourth tornado and I knew immediately this is a tornado and got up and looked and the first thing I saw when I moved the blinds was tree. I said oh boy.”

She said a storm siren went off after the tornado had already hit.

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