Costco Officially Closes On Land In NW OKC

Wednesday, October 10th 2018, 6:05 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

It’s happening! Costco has officially closed on the land near the Kilpatrick Turnpike and Western Avenue, and construction crews are already moving dirt in the area.

According to the Assessor's Office, the land sold for just over $6.6 million.

Few recent construction projects have generated this much excitement.

“I love Costco!” shouted Caytie Ross.

Now it appears the bulk shopping mecca is finally coming. It's a project Oklahoma City and the Chamber say they have been working on for as many as five years.

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But the coveted retailer first built in Tulsa and has seen brisk business from Tulsans.

“With a family of three it’s a mainstay, you have to go there every week,” said Beth Husen, who said the Tulsa store is right up the street from her.

The retailer has also attracted those like Beth’s friend Keiko Wright, who lives in Oklahoma City and frequently makes the trip up the turnpike.

“I’m very excited, so looking forward to it because I have to go to Tulsa,” said Wright.

To entice Costco to build in Oklahoma City the City has agreed to a $3 million tax rebate.

The Oklahoma City store should bring in between $80-$140 million in sales a year. And bring more shoppers to the already blossoming Chisholm Creek area.

That could even help attract other stores, like a rumored IKEA.

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It’s not just tax collectors and bargain shoppers that could be cashing in.

“We would gladly go there and check it out,” said Michael Short. “We’re game for anything new.”

Once open, Costco expects to hire 150-200 people. The average hourly wage is 23 dollars. Full-time cashiers make $54,000 after five years.

The store should open in April.